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Nature Photography by Mark Graf


Fine art nature prints for interior design, biophilic concepts and evidence based design projects. Please visit my online gallery of creative landscape photography, macro, abstract wall art to add beautiful nature-themed design elements to your interiors. Featuring a specialty in Michigan nature photos and the Great Lakes region for scenic landscape photography.

Nature inspired wall art is available for health care, medical facilities, hospitals, businesses, corporate offices, private homes and other interiors to promote a soothing, ecotherapeutic atmostphere. Art Consultant inquiries welcomed.

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Mark Graf

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Mark is an internationally published photographer, passionate about his subjects and artistic representations of nature, with more than 15 years experience in providing high quality, professional nature art, stock photos and fine art prints - learn more.

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Spring Wildflower photos
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Nature Photography

Creative Nature photography

The elements of nature are my muse and often my refuge.. I choose to explore these elements with my camera and lens with hopes of pointing out the interesting and magnificent details of the natural world. These drop down areas will give you a brief overview of the subject matter, outline of my site and nature pictures for sale in my photoraphic library. I offer fine art prints and stock nature photos of a wide variety of beautiful subjects in an organized online gallery. I hope you will find the site navigation easy in getting you to the images you are looking for quickly and accurately.


Nature stock photos

My photography has been used internationally by many editorial and advertising firms as stock photography. Competitive stock usage rights and rights-managed licensing are available for editorial, advertising, art and film production reference.

Fine art nature prints | Nature Inspired Abstract wall Art | Nature gift ideas

My fine art nature prints have been supplied for a variety of ecotherapy and biophilic design projects including health care facilities, home decor and office buildings in a wide variety of reproduction formats. From large traditional prints for framing to frameless styles on gallery canvas or metal, nature always creates a welcome and soothing environement for any interior.

Ecopsychological studies have proven the direct benefits of connecting with nature, improving physcial and emotional well-being.


Michigan Nature Photos

Given it is my home state, I have a large selection of Michigan fine art landscape photography , pictures from Southeast Michigan nature preserves, the Clinton River Watershed, Michigan wildflowers, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Great Lakes beaches and shorelines, and a variety of other popular and off the beaten path locations. See also Michigan.Photos!


Article references

Embracing Failure -

Departing from the Literal Image -

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Fine Art Photography for Interior Decor | Biophilic Design | Ecotherapy

Health care artwork

I have provided photography as health care fine art to hospitals, medical offices, dentist offices, and others that are seeking to promote a healing, tranquil environment. Photographs of nature have proven benefits to evidence based design projects providing stress relief, relaxation, and comfort, especially in patient recovery rooms. This is why high quality nature photography is often sought out by art consultants and interior designers.

LEED and Biophilic Design Elements

Nature imagery promotes wellness, connectivity, well-being and harmony.

Consider nature inspired art for:

  • medical centers
  • mental health facilities
  • meeting rooms
  • corporate interior design
  • nature centers
  • meditation rooms
  • Green LEED certified building developments
  • CT and MRI scanners, ceiling illuminated tiles

Abstract Nature Art for home decor

With a particular passion for abstracts, I enjoy working with leaves, ice, rocks, water and many other of nature's elements. Be sure to visit my abstracts gallery. Promote connectivity with nature as found in many Zen and Bhuddist studies.


All inquiries welcome. Please contact me via email or phone 586.215.2512 to discuss your project or interest.

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Wildlife Photos

Peaceful interaction with wildlife is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. We learn about our own humanity, and the common characteristics we share with all life on Earth.

Coastal brown bear photos / grizzly bear pictures, bear cubs

Brown bear pictures from Katmai National Park, Alaska ; bears in salmon streams, portraits, bears in Alaskan landscapes, action shots of bears hunting salmon; sows with bear cubs and large male boars. Coastal brown bear photos are also presented in this collection: Coastal Brown Bear photos

Pictures of gray wolves

Gray wolf photos: photographed in fall colors and winter settings ; packs of grey wolves, wolf portraits, white & black wolves

Moose, fox, white tailed deer, groundhogs (woodchucks), chipmunks, small mammals

Large and small mammals, photographed in various habitats in the mammal photography gallery.

Bird pictures

These bird photos offer a variety of species including of nesting birds, feather details, habitat and environment, with chicks and young juveniles. Pictures of backyard birds, sandhill cranes, herons, puffins, hawks & eagles, shorebirds, owls, wood ducks to warblers to woodpeckers are found in an easy to search gallery.

Underwater pictures

Certified in scuba diving back in 1993, and soon thereafter becoming an assistant instructor, with advanced diving certifications, I couldn't resist bringing a camera underwater to capture moments with the beautiful coral reefs, colorful sealife, large and small predators, and engaging marine mammals. Visit my underwater photography gallery here.

Pictures of harbor seals & sea lions

Marine mammals are a favorite to spend time with... click this link to be taken directly to this segment of the gallery: seal and sea lion photos .


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Landscape Photography

Fine Art Landscape photography

My fine art landscape subject matter includes many different subjects such as:

  • Winter landscape pictures around Michigan
  • Beautiful wilderness scenery
  • Scenics with wildflowers
  • Shorelines, ocean and Great Lakes coastlines can be found in the landscape photography gallery.
  • Woodland streams, wetlands, watersheds, forests, savannas and open meadows
  • Caribbean tropical scenics
  • Underwater landscapes

Michigan fine art landscape photos

Given I live here, I have explored many of Michigan's and the Great Lakes' natural areas. I have come to appreciate the subtle beauty in the landscapes here, from the tranquil shorelines of the Great Lakes, to our many sand dunes and dense forests. All change dramatically with the change of the seasons.

Alaska landscape photography

My Alaska landscape photography features Alaska in fall colors from around Denali National Park, photos of the Alaskan mountain ranges, and the Katmai National Park areas.

Black and White nature photography

Black & White, monochrome, and toned photographs of wildflowers, landscapes, wildlife, and other subjects are found in this section of my gallery.


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Macro and Closeup

Pictures of leaves | leaf photos

Leaves are one of my favorite macro subjects, and you will find a large variety of leaf closeups, leaf patterns, leaves in ice, and fall colored leaves in my leaf photo gallery.

Abstract wall art | Nature Inspired Wall art | photos of rocks, stones, and minerals

My abstract rock photos are my visions of connections in the natural world big and small. From the smallest features in a stone landscape, to images from satellites, you can see common formations throughout. My Stonescapes feature some of the following:

  • Blue Sky Biggs Jasper
  • Petrified wood
  • Picture Jasper
  • Flame Agate, Feather agate, regency rose plume, burro creek, and other exotic agates
  • Indian Picture Rock
  • Sahara Jasper
  • Pietersite abstracts
  • Morrisonite

These rocks are collectable by rockhounds, geologists, geology enthusiasts, corporations conducting geological surveys, and museums. These images make for wonderful abstract wall art for architectural and interior design projects. Please see my Stonescapes Collection.

Macro Nature pictures

Featuring some of my favorite subjects up close:

  • ice patterns
  • pictures of shells and rocks
  • pictures of dew
  • fall colored leaves, and leaf patterns
  • a colorful natural bacteria called Leptothrix discophora

Please feel free to explore my abstract nature details gallery.


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