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Graf Nature Photography

  • RO8759 Burro Creek Agate
  • RO8943 Amethyst Sage
  • RO8780 Teepee Agate
    Teepee Agate
  • RO8906 Sahara Desert Jasper
  • RO8946 Arizona Rainbow Petrified wood
  • RO9058 Montana Agate
  • RO9216 Sahara Jasper tunnel
  • RO9217 Morrisonite
  • RO9219 Morrisonite
  • RO9222 Willow Creek Jasper

white trilliumRO-8946 | Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood

This photograph was one of my very first in exploring these miniature landscapes frozen in time in pieces of stone. It set off a passionate interest in exploring these "stonescapes" further, and led me to a variety of stones, rocks, minerals, and gemrocks. All of them containing these impressionistic landscapes that are not much different than the grander sections of Earth when viewed from hundreds of miles up.

I saw this geological connection in how nature works patterns of elements - connections between the very large, and very small.

This is a small piece of Arizona Petrified Wood only about 1 inch (25 mm) by 1.5 inches (37 mm) in size. I saw this impressionistic hillside of desert colors with a sky to compliment it.

You will find more photographs like these in my gallery: abstracts of stones and rocks






Types of Rocks, Stones, Minerals, Gemrocks you will find in my gallery:

African Queen Picture Jasper

Amethst Sage

Bear Creek Moss Agate

Burro Creek Agate

Dendritic Jasper

Feather Agate

Indian Paint Rock

Indonesian Flame Sagenite Agate

Jelly bean Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

Mara Mamba

Montana Agate


Ocean Jasper

Owyhee gem picture jasper

Petrified Swamp Jasper

Petrified wood

Picasso Marble


Piranah Agate

Plasma Agate

Polka-dot agate

Red Mushroom Jasper

Regency Rose Plume Agate

Royal Sahara Jasper

Tiger Iron

Willow Creek Jasper



stonescapes | abstracts of rock, stone, minerals

abstract nature art


"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." - John Muir

This particular quote from Muir rings particularly true for me when examining these small landscapes in rocks, stones, and minerals often measuring no more than 1 inch square (25 mm) that bear striking similarities to similar examinations of sections of Earth viewed from space. To me, they represent the connectivity of nature's processes from the very small, to areas quite large. We often dismiss the importance of such small things in nature, be it a single species, or a small habitat without realizing the greater connections involved. The patterns, colors, formations, and symbolic landscapes in these small pieces of stone are reminders to me of those greater connections to our own planet, and perhaps the universe.


abstract wall art


abstract wall art


These photographs are only some examples of my fascination with these abstracts in stone. Feel free to explore more of them in my gallery : abstracts of rocks and stones . This series is particularly interesting for those looking for abstract wall art in their home decor project or trying to decorate an office environment. There is a deep connection with the timeless aspects of nature and history of the Earth in these images.

You can also explore some of my other thoughts about these types of images from the posts in my blog in the "Inspired by Stone" series.
If you are interested in licensing usage rights, or purchasing a print of one of these photographs, please note the image ID number beneath the larger versions of each photo. You can search for this image ID in the gallery, or refer to it in an inquiry.