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  • Coastal brown bear photo Katmai
  • Coastal brown bear with salmon picture
  • Coastal brown bear photo
  • Brown Bear catching salmon picture
  • BE9102 Three bears sleeping
  • BE9104 Bear running blur
  • Brown bear picture
  • brown bears Alaska photos
  • Brown bear cub photo
  • BE9119 Bear stalking shoreline for salmon
  • BE9132 Mother bear and cub following
  • Three bears picture
    BE9139 Mother and cubs at rest in sand, Kinak Bay, Alaska
  • Bear in Alaska landscape
  • Large male bull brown bear photo
  • Mother nursing cub photo

coastal brown bear pictureBE-9098 | Brown bear portrait in water

This photograph is one of my favorites in my collection of bear photos. It represents an image I had previsualized prior to traveling to the remote Katmai National Park in Alaska. I knew I wanted to get a bear photograph while they were foraging in a salmon stream, but a closeup with water dripping off as they emerged from being underwater.

It is one thing to think about an image, and an entirely different situation to have the circumstances begin to come together that actually make it a reality. Thinking about goals for photographs ahead of time can sometimes better prepare you to take advantage of the moment when it happens. You already know what you are looking for instead of just trying to react to the action in front of you.

Katmai is only accessible by boat or by plane, and is known for its concentration of brown bears. With respect, caution and patience, these wonderful animals can be accepting (or at least tolerable) of our presence in their environment. However, there is always something in your mind telling you how unpredictable these animals can be, so visiting with an experienced guide is a must.

You can find more pictures in my bears gallery: coastal brown bear photos







brown bear photos

Coastal brown bears of Katmai National Park, Alaska in the regions of Geographic harbor and Kinak Bay

"Alive, the grizzly is a symbol of freedom and understanding - a sign that man can learn to conserve what is left of the earth. Extinct, it will be another fading testimony to things man should have learned more about but was too preoccupied with himself to notice. In its beleaguered condition, it is above all a symbol of what man is doing to the entire planet. If we can learn from these experiences, and learn rationally, both grizzly and man may have a chance to survive." - Frank Craighead ("Track of the Grizzly", 1979)

These photographs are a few examples of my encounters with brown bears. Feel free to explore more of them in my gallery : bear photos

If you are interested in licensing usage rights, or purchasing a print of one of these photographs, please note the image ID number beneath the larger versions of each photo. You can search for this image ID in the gallery, or refer to it in an inquiry.