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graf photographyImages are placed on this site for visitors to review in selecting prints to purchase, for photo editors looking for particular image needs, or simply for those who enjoy viewing images of nature. Please understand they are NOT FREE. Please do not misinterpret copyright laws in thinking if pictures are on the internet, they are considered free to distribute or use otherwise.

Even if you do not plan to make any money from an image taken from this site, you are still infringing on copyright by using or distributing the image in a manner where permission was not granted IN WRITING.

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Print sales are for display of the supplied print only. Scanning, copying, photographing or any form of reproduction or distribution of prints is prohibited unless written authorization is provided.

All image licensing agreements for usage rights are conditional upon receiving payment to fulfill the agreement.

How do I use an image from this website?

I will be happy to assist you in a requested image use, it is as simple as writing us an email detailing what you want to use it for. Asking is the first step in good faith. Feel free to use this quick contact form.

What if I use an image without permission?

In the event that an infringement is discovered, you will be notified and invoiced the industry-standard TRIPLE FEE for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in U.S. Federal Court. Copyright Laws offer artists the following actions in protection of their work; Up to $150,000.00 in statutory damages per case of infringement Payment of Artist's Legal fees, Percentage of Business Profits from date of use, and Closure of the infringingweb-site.


If you attempt to remove or alter a watermark or copyright notice, you could also be subject to additional actions, see below.


§506. Criminal offenses
(d) Fraudulent Removal of Copyright Notice.—Any person who, with fraudulent intent, removes or alters any notice of copyright appearing on a copy of a copyrighted work shall be fined not more than $2,500.


Thank you for your understanding and respect of my work.