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white trilliumFL-4869 | Trillium internal glow, Clinton River Park, Sterling Heights, Michigan


This image continues to be one of my favorite trillium photographs. It was created at a time when I was struggling to come up with something different for a flower I had photographed so much. It cements in my mind the notion of no matter how familiar you are with a particular subject, there is some way to photograph it that you haven't quite figured out yet.

The idea for this image originated from observation of the internal glow these flowers took on as the sun hit them. Normally, most wildflowers are best photographed in diffused lighting. I find myself packing up and leaving when the light becomes too harsh.

Instead, I stayed a bit longer this particular day and captured that internal glow.

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wildflower and plant species

Purple trillium
round-lobed hepatica
marsh marigolds
spring beauty
white trillium
painted trillium
wood lily
trout lily
virginia bluebells
yellow lady slippers
showy lady slippers
american lotus
desert primrose
purple aster
blue flag iris
fringed gentians
purple coneflowers
gray headed coneflowers
butterfly weed
squirrel corn
wood anemone
cardinal flower
claret cup cactus
black-eyed susans
dutchman's breeches
pitcher plants
deptford pink
bladder campion
yellow goatsbeard
fringed polygala
indian paintbrush

flower details

petals, leaves, stamen, pollen



spring wildflower photos...

Spring is such a dynamic time. The weather is typically unpredictable here in the Midwest. We might have temperatures in the eighties one day, and frost warnings the next. However, nothing can seem to stop the life from erupting around us. You can just feel the energy in the air, especially after a long hard winter. Waiting for the wildflower season to start is something most nature photographers anticipate with excitement.

These are a small collection of my wildflower pictures representing some favorites, as well as some images I wanted to write about. Feel free to browse my other photos in my gallery: spring wildflower photos

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.. things I had no words for." - Georgia O'Keefe, 1887-1986

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