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I have been tagged by Paul Lester to reveal 8 things you might not know about me. Since I have read some other posts lately about people’s pets, I have been wanting to introduce you to Chinny, even before being ‘tagged.’ So you will get only one for now. 😉

Chinny (short for Chinook) is a female, purebred Alaskan Malamute (commonly confused with a Husky). Malamutes in general are a lot bigger than huskies. My wife Lisa rescued her from a drug dealer at the age of one (no, she was not a customer!!), Chinny is now 6. Her previous owner left her outside 100% of the time, often with no food or water, and was frequently abusive. This guy was a neighbor to my wife’s mother, and one day she just went over there and said why don’t I take that dog off your hands. The guy agreed, stating she was a terrible watchdog, which is why he got her. Anyone that knows the personality of a malamute would say -‘what an idiot’ – Malamutes are not watchdogs. They will usually greet everyone regardless if they know them.

About a year ago, she was diagnosed as having canine diabetes. This is supposedly quite common among northern breeds of dogs, no one knows why for sure. As a result, she needs two insulin injections per day as well as specially prepared food and a lot of control over what she can/can’t eat. Once dogs develop diabetes, it is with them for life. Unfortunately oral medications aren’t available either. She is well known at our vet’s office now due to the frequency of getting her glucose levels checked.

Before being diagnosed, we had a kennel we really liked where she would be boarded during some of our trips. However, they will no longer take her because she requires shots. That has led us on a search for a kennel that we like, that will also give shots. No luck yet, but still need to check out a couple leads. So our dive trips and other travel plans have been put on hold until we resolve this kennel issue. We generally try trips now where we can take her with us.

As pictured above, her mood completely changes when there is snow on the ground. Like night and day actually – you can tell these dogs have snow in their blood. We wanted to someday try her with a sled, but the diabetes also places a limit on her exertion levels. So we are nervous about that now.

She attracts a lot of attention when we are out walking her or at the pet store, etc. People just seem to love snow dogs. And since she is such a ham, she is more than happy to receive the attention. But when people get a northern breed dog, often they get frustrated by their stubbornness. They are also extremely intelligent and like to ‘talk’ a lot. .  Chinny is no different with all of these characteristics.

So that is a short introduction on a member of our family, and one thing you probably didn’t know.

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  • Carl says:

    Hey Mark,

    Very cool – tell Chinny I said G’day.




  • Stacy N says:

    Awwww…that look is so charming. Who could resist? What a beautiful animal – and I commend you from rescuing her from a life that might not have turned out so well.

  • Tina says:

    oh my, i’ll have to share this one. beautiful shot! thanks for sharing.


  • She’s beautiful and with that slight cock of the head, one is instantly moved with the urge to reach out to her. I can see why your wife was irresistibly drawn to her!

  • Beautiful dog. Even with the canine diabetes it looks like Chinny is living a great life. Amazing how the snow can bring out Chinny’s inner personality. Seeing Chinny reminds me of the husky I grew up with in Alaska.

  • Mike Moats says:

    Hey Mark, I love sled dogs, I went to Alaska in 1999 to see the start of the Iditirod in Ancorage. The Iditirod uses mostly the Alaska sled dog which is a small dog of about 40 pounds, bred for speed and distance. I also went up to Canada one year to a outfitter who set you up with three dogs and a sled and you did a fifty mile round trip over nighter. It is a great sport. Chinny is a classic looking dog, well done on the shot.

  • Wow Mark, she it cute! Great shot!


  • Photo Buffet says:

    Chinny is a beautiful dog, and how nice that your mom spoke up and “took that dog off his hands”. She’s beautiful, and looks very gentle.

  • I had a Mute looked just like Chinny, named Hercules, died from what doctors thought was a pancreatic condition. That was about 20 years ago and thats how they diagnosed it then, now they treat them for canine diabetes. Beautiful dog, I have had huskies and mutes they are wonderful companions.

  • Awesome. As a child I felt like we should take in every stray that came into the yard. Great to see this wonderful dog in a wonderful home. Neat insight. The neatist dog I ever had was a bloodhound. It takes a long time for them to bond with you but when they do it like none other.

  • paul says:

    What a beautiful dog! I can see why everyone wants to meet her! She’s fortunate to have a wonderful home and such caring parents. 🙂 So, I’m eagerly waiting for the other 7 things that I don’t know! 🙂

  • wren says:

    Oh, she’s beautiful! No wonder she attracts so much attention when you’re out with her.

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