Bear claws

By Sunday, December 20, 2009 grafphoto
coastal brown bear claws grizzly water

Bear claws

Processing bear photos continues….

I thought this was an interesting portrait in how you do not see the bear’s eyes, but my attention is drawn almost immediately to the claws.   I wondered if this was an instinctual reaction to a threat.   Similar to the way people react to big teeth, antlers, or other features that may be considered as weapons.   I have similar images in this sequence without the claws, and they don’t provide quite the same tension.

This big boar (ie. male) was wading around in a river in front of us, digging up fish scraps, blowing bubbles, and generally acting somewhat bored.  I was practically lying down on a river bank to capture this low angle view, which I think also establishes a certain intimacy.   Thank you for visiting!

Link to gallery:  Brown bear photos

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