Bear claws

By Sunday, December 20, 2009grafphoto
coastal brown bear claws grizzly water

Bear claws

Processing bear photos continues….

I thought this was an interesting portrait in how you do not see the bear’s eyes, but my attention is drawn almost immediately to the claws.   I wondered if this was an instinctual reaction to a threat.   Similar to the way people react to big teeth, antlers, or other features that may be considered as weapons.   I have similar images in this sequence without the claws, and they don’t provide quite the same tension.

This big boar (ie. male) was wading around in a river in front of us, digging up fish scraps, blowing bubbles, and generally acting somewhat bored.  I was practically lying down on a river bank to capture this low angle view, which I think also establishes a certain intimacy.   Thank you for visiting!

Link to gallery:  Brown bear photos

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  • Mark says:

    Thanks Carl! Still waiting for that email. 🙂

  • Carl D says:

    Hey Mark

    I like this – the thumbnail didn’t grab me, but the larger version sure did .. exactly as you described. Those claws are something else, aren’t they?

    I apologize for not keeping up with your blog as much as I should .. I’ve been not paying attention to much lately, for various reasons – one of which is overhauling one of my own websites. Which reminds me, I owe you an email. I’ll get on it.

    Be well



  • Excellent close-up photo of this marvelous carnivore. My eyes are drawn first to the head, the fur on the back, then down along the back and then to the claws. It’s amazing to see him in such a closeness so you feel like you could almost caress his fur. It looks like a peaceful scene but these claws warns you that it’s not as it may seem.

  • Aswirly says:

    Oh I don’t know. My eyes went first to his big nose…and then to his claws 😉 It’s an awesome photo!

  • Roberta says:

    I think, for me, I’m drawn to the claws because I want to know what’s going on. Does he have something he’s eating? Is he grooming himself? Playing? It’s a curiosity of social behavior. Another awesome bear photograph!

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