Rapid forest growth

Growing a forest in 2 seconds

Sometimes when I am in some very familiar places, some crazy things pop into my head.  I try to see in ways I haven’t seen before.  Sometimes that comes along with creating a bit of fantasy and playing around.

For this image, I imagined being in some type of time warp where a forest was sprouting up rapidly around me.   Full grown pines, hundreds of years old, sprouting up around me during a 2 second exposure.

This is pretty darn close to how it was in camera.   Just some post processing to bring out a bit more detail in the bark and contrast in the canopy.


  1. WOW!!! This is a great fantasy photo,Mark. Did you zoom in (or out) during a portion of the exposure? I love it when everything comes together in an exciting way like this.
    ken bello recently posted..roadside attractionMy Profile

    • Ken, yes, I zoomed during the exposure here. It took quite a few tries because you are never really sure what parameter makes the particular shot… Speed of zoom, time at any particular focal length, exposure time, etc. I wasn’t even looking through the viewfinder actually…I had the camera stuck in the tree trunks. I am kinda puzzled myself on how I didn’t blur that foreground bark. :-)

  2. This is Awesome! Even on my iphone it looks good. I’m going to have try something like this, now.

  3. One of the most unique nature images I have seen. It is always so much fun to let the imagination run free. Great job Mark.
    Brad Mangas recently posted..The Urge to CreateMy Profile

  4. That is one amazing image. Well done! The colors are what really grab me.
    Roberta Murray recently posted..Beyond The Looking GlassMy Profile

  5. However you accomplished it, Mark, well done! It’s a wonderful creative image and I love how colorful it is.
    Earl recently posted..Autumn – NC Mountain Water FeaturesMy Profile

  6. Like your image and the thoughts behind. Love these experiments and I also do it from time to time. Great work!

  7. What can I say? Superb. Great and unique piece of work Mark.
    pj recently posted..the photographs will comeMy Profile

  8. The colors are intense and beautiful, the converging lines add a lot. The bark anchors it, by the density and the detail. Thought it might be a zoom blur!
    Tom Whelan recently posted..Drop archMy Profile

  9. Oh man…this is super cool! Great way of looking at the world, Mark. You are completely right…it is just a matter of getting all the components to match up…well done!

    Strange the tree trunk didn’t blur.

    • Thanks Greg. I haven’t quite put together the technical explanation for the unblurred trunk, but suspect it has to do with exposure time at that particular focal length.

  10. Glad I dropped in here again to see this. Holy wow. It is amazing what mind blowing creations can be made primarily in the camera.
    David Leland Hyde recently posted..Announcing An Honest Silence: A Celebration Of WildernessMy Profile

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