Morphing Landscape

Lake St. Clair, Michigan during winter

Ice bubble sunrise, Lake St. Clair, Michigan # WI-9701

Looking back through my previous posts and my archives about Lake St. Clair, it seems I have been photographing here during the winter for a good 7 winters now.   And you know what, I rarely photograph here at any other time of the year.   Once the ice is gone, so is the solitude, so is the variety I have come to enjoy during the winter time.  At other times of the year, I somewhat know what to expect the view to look like – and winter always keeps me guessing.

Yet, when the wind is blowing, and the forecast is in the single digits, I also admit that my motivation to face the elements becomes quite challenged.   Most of the time, I really don’t know if I will make it out there until the morning of.   I check the cloud cover forecast the night before, then the morning of.  This particular shot was on a day where the forecast predicted about 90% cloud cover… so much for the forecast reliability!

So on days that I don’t really expect to get much, I usually return home with a few surprises.   That’s all I have to keep in mind the next time I think about whimping out.  With Groundhog day today, it is a reminder that the opportunities for this winter are waning.



  1. Beautiful photo. Seven years? Could it be time for a folio or other project related to the location?

  2. Wow! I hope you keep going back out there and brave the elements. And, I agree we sometimes come home with images we did not expect on those days we almost did not get there.

    • I will probably make it out there at least a few more times this season Monte. Just getting out there is a valuable lesson eh? I wish I could always follow it! :-) Thanks!

  3. This is stunning. I absolutely love how the texture of the ice changes as you move from foreground to middle ground and the pattern of the ice bubbles and that amazing cloud. I also really liked the previous photo you shared from this location. Nice job! Great compositions.
    Anne McKinnell recently posted..African Lions at the San Diego Safari ParkMy Profile

  4. A truly magical shot and very understandable why you return again and again in winter.
    Like Anne, I like the different textures of the ice or stages of water.
    Sandra recently posted..~ Feathery beauty of the forest ~My Profile

  5. Mark, that’s a wonderful shot. I admire your persistence in going out there during the cold times, but I certainly understand why. It’s nice looking back through the archives, seeing what you’ve done before, how, and when.
    Paul recently posted..The quiet placesMy Profile

  6. A belated thanks Anne, Sandra, and Paul!

  7. I love the colors in this sunrise that shade the whole frame.
    David Leland Hyde recently posted..Living The Good Life 3My Profile

  8. great work friend for blogging too for sharing.many loves nature and nice photos.thanks.I join your blog and let’s visit each other for ever.
    nordin omor recently posted..Berikan gambar bercakap.Perkembangan PAS dan PR .My Profile

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