Last Moments of Winter

By Saturday, March 23, 2013 grafphoto
ice sheets stacked up along Lake St. Clair Michigan

Last moments of winter, ice sheets stacked up along Lake St. Clair, Michigan

As Spring is now here, I was a bit worried I missed getting out to my ice spot as much as I wanted to this past winter.    I had already heard the bay I usually visit on Lake St. Clair was no longer covered.   The passing of March 20 doesn’t suddenly mean everything turns green though.  Below freezing temperatures are still with us and are forecasted to be around for at least another week at night anyway.   Jokes about Punxsutawney Phil being a liar are abundant.   Even our backyard woodchuck started coming out and then made a hasty retreat with the last snow.

I took a chance this morning that there was still some ice around.   While the bay and a good part of the lake were unfrozen, what I found was my favorite type of ice, the sheets that pile up along the shore.  Another shot I took this morning before sunrise with different light conditions is on my facebook page.  Overall, not a bad morning, and quite a few images left to process.

With temps constantly in the 40s throughout next week and then creeping higher, these may truly be the last moments of winter.

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