Abstract wall art

Abstract wall art of Mara Mamba Tiger Eye

Abstract wall art of Mara Mamba Tiger Eye

I have been diving into the archives again as I have not been out shooting in a couple of weeks (with my DSLR at least).  I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes maintenance and subtle updates on my website, and finally updated my WordPress install to the latest release, as well as my theme.   It never ceases to amaze me how time consuming that can get.

Abstract wall art

This abstract is another in my stone series, Inspired by Stone, that I think would make for some pretty cool abstract wall art.   After finishing processing on this image, I am considering getting it mounted on bamboo.

Bamboo mounted photographs are something new I have added to my photo mount offerings.   These offer a environmentally friendly option in photographic presentation by using sustainably harvested and grown bamboo.

On a related side note, I stumbled upon an interesting site / podcast recently called the Art of Photography.  Ted Forbes offers some historical insight into abstract photography this particular episode: Abstraction in Photography   It’s worth checking out.

About the photo:  I used a Nikon D800 camera with a Nikkor 105 f2.8 Micro lens, and cross-polarized lighting from 2 flashes.   More abstract rock images can be found in my Stonescapes gallery.


  1. Really nice image. What really reverberated with me about your post, believe it or not, was the comment about how much time can be spent on the computer. So much software, so much programming. When you work at another job, it really can become overwhelming!

    • No kidding Howard. I have been putting off my WordPress upgrades because of all the little tweaks I have made to the stock theme that I had to redo. It seems like I can never really get caught up.

  2. Wow, outstanding image, Mark. So many lines and textures to let the imagination run wild with — I can imagine all manner of possibilities in this. The deep rich tones are great as well. Excellant, and I would think it would be beautiful on bamboo.
    Earl recently posted..Scenes from the morning’s walk: Spring’s greener worldMy Profile

  3. This is an outstanding image, Mark. I have not heard of the bamboo printing but I will certainly look into it. i need to have some prints made and the bamboo may be a nice touch.

  4. I am especially fond of abstraction in art with a slight bias towards abstract photography of course. This image is particularly rich in textures, tones and graphical interplay making it a wonderful example of the genre. There is no doubt this will look spectacular in print.
    Cedric Canard recently posted..The longest thingMy Profile

  5. Wow, that reminds me of a hot summer’s day. Nice work!
    Matt recently posted..Macro photography in the Botanical GardensMy Profile

  6. At first I saw a cave. Then I saw tigers teeth. Then I read your post. :-) Those lines, textures, and colors have the power to bring all sorts of images to mind. Love that.

    Man you do spend a lot of time on the computer but we get to see the reward of your efforts. I have some comments on that very subject I want to post.
    Monte Stevens recently posted..I’ll Bring the BeerMy Profile

    • I wish the efforts were realized in such a way Monte. You only see a small portion of them. :-) Other things I wonder if they are in a futile effort. Thanks very much, I’ll look for your post on how to spend that time wisely!

  7. Seems like it should be a tiger tooth mineral, not a tiger eye. Beautiful textures and contrasts, pretty warm tones.
    Tom Whelan recently posted..Drop on a petalMy Profile

  8. Hmm, good “point” Tom. :-) Thanks.

  9. Way to go on the bamboo. I’ll have to look into that… AND, what a gorgeous photograph. Unique and beautiful and did I mention gorgeous?
    David Leland Hyde (@PhilipHydePhoto) recently posted..Why Defend National Parks And Other Wilderness By Philip HydeMy Profile

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