Spring Sprouts

By Sunday, May 5, 2013 grafphoto
fern sprout

A fern sprout from my front yard

I have been finding the fringe edges of a plant’s life interesting to photograph to break away somewhat from my typical spring flower photography.   I think there are interesting elements to be seen other than just when the plant or flower is at its peak blooming glory.   If they were people, would you photograph them only when they are their best?    Often it is at the fringe edges where a lot of character is revealed.

It is a theme I will be keeping my eyes open for throughout the season.   These are a couple of a starters for this year.

About the images: Photographed with my Nikon D800 and 200mm f4 Nikkor lens in my front yard.

spring sprouting plant

A mystery sprout of a plant / flower coming up in my front yard. Yet to be identified!

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