Flight of the Dandelion

By Saturday, May 11, 2013 grafphoto
Flight of the Dandelion

Dandelion from my backyard – which reminded me of photos I have seen of a bird caught in flight.

To see, we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at” – Monet

With spring in full gear around here, blooming flowers and trees everywhere, you would think I would be posting about some exciting new flower I just photographed.   Turns out, I became pretty excited just playing around with a dandelion in my backyard.   While my neighbor down the street was walking around his yard squirting who knows what chemical on top of each one in his yard, I was lying down trying to figure out how to create some art from those in mine.

Turns out, a common dandelion is actually a fairly attractive flower when viewed close up.   I think they can also look quite nice when there is an entire field of them, creating a yellow blanket across the landscape.   But of course, they are the scourge of the suburban neighborhood.   Symbols of your lack of compliance to conformity.   But this isn’t about protesting what is or isn’t a weed, or the obsession of the suburban nice lawn, I was more interested in creating something different from what I had done before.

I started with some closeup images, which were all fine – but not all too original.   So then I went down the path of multiple exposures.   I started with two, then three, then 6.    At 6 exposures, I saw what reminded me of a bird in flight, feathers spread, wings a blur of motion.   I began to see the dandelion for something it wasn’t, and that for me, is exciting.

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