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By Saturday, June 1, 2013 grafphoto 17 Comments
wild lupine photo

Wild Lupine and stone | Nikon D800, Nikkor 200mm f4 macro

This patch of lupine that I photographed recently had me thinking about isolated spots for photographing specific things.   There may be a huge forest, woodland, field, prairie, or riverside that goes on for miles, but for very small sections of these places, sometimes there is something very unique to be found.   Perhaps a flower that grows there, and only there.   In a way, these things take root and make the place ‘home.’

I know Wild Lupine like to grow on banks and in dry, sandy soil.   There are plenty of both all around this area, yet the Lupine only grow here, and one other spot quite a distance away that I know of.   For as long as I have returned to this spot (probably going on 7 years now) – they just keep to themselves in this area.   Not much migration through the woods, not much reduction in the area either.

I wonder if this is in their genetic makeup.  They tend to keep to themselves once reaching a certain population size.   Could this offer possible survival benefits?

It seems this way with a lot of spring wildflowers in this area.   Certain spots are good for certain things, and I am sure soil chemistry, daylight, and all that botanical bonanza of biology come into play.   It is just interesting how very specific those spots can be.

Photographing these flowers can be a real test of your patience.   The first day I went, I was just pleased to hit the bloom at peak, about a week or so earlier than the last time I was here.   But the light was dark overcast, and there was a constant morning breeze – a real joy with tall stalks of flowers.   The second attempt I was granted better light, but the breeze was still there, although a bit reduced.   You had to time the exposure during those lulls, and sometimes that meant some waiting.   I worked the area quite a bit, and then as the sun rose higher, it began to shine through the trees, and I knew that the moment had come.   Stopping down to f22 gives the starburst effect, and I just positioned myself at the bottom of the bank and waited.

wild lupine photo

Wild Lupine and morning sunburst, Milford, MI | Nikon D800, 14-24 mm

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