The Opal Coast


opal pictures

Sand island in Opal Bay is often used as a romantic getaway island.

Opal abstract photo

Warm temperate water rushes in from the coast through the Opal Inlet

I guess I never imagined going to this place until I saw what it was like.   Rich red desert sands border a lush coastline bordered with inviting blue water – what is not to like.   Despite being a developers dream land deal, the Opal Coast has remained largely untouched and unspoiled by encroachment, resorts, hotels, and cruise ship traffic.   It remains a bit of coastal wilderness.   With remote sand islands, and beaches for as far as the eye can see, it is amazing this place has remained a bit of a secret for so long.

This area is rich in underground hot springs and volcanic activity that contribute to its unique geological landscape.   The coastal areas are likely to be under threat of mining for deposits of carbonate-rich flourapatite.  Silica and oxygen mix along the coastlines creating unique spherical deposits easily observed on a clear day from the air.

opal photo abstract wall art

Tropical greenery separates the Opal coast from the inland red desert sands.

I am not sure I will ever get to go to the Opal Coast.  If it is as appealing on the ground as it looks from the sky, it is possible I could never leave.  At least for now, I can dream.



  1. Wow, Mark, these are beautiful. The small semi-abstract is really your strong suit, among others. Looking forward to your top photographs of the year if you plan to participate. Happy Holidays!
    David Leland Hyde (@PhilipHydePhoto) recently posted..Best Photographs OF 2013My Profile

  2. These are wonderful abstracts, Mark. I’ll be looking forward to your 2013 collection. I am not sure if I will put one together but maybe you’ll inspire me.
    Steve Gingold recently posted..12.05.2013 The honour of your click is humbly requested.My Profile

  3. These are absolutely fascinating, Mark. What a wonderful exploration into the fractal beauty of the natural world.

  4. Very cool images! Compositionally they really instill a sense that you are working from an aerial view and you’ve also achieved a dimensionality that is very convincing.

  5. Nature Images

    Very cool and natural images

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