Spring Sprung

By Monday, April 21, 2014grafphoto
two bloodroot photo

Twin Bloodroot, Clinton River Park North, Sterling Heights, MI | Nikon D800, 200mm macro, Silver Efex Pro 2

Well, whaddayaknow, Spring will be coming to Michigan after all.  After hitting the record snowfall mark in Detroit just last week, there were doubts.   Spring energy is certainly in the air now, and wildflowers are reaching up with some pent-up energy.   Snow be damned.    Of course now I have to wish it would put on the brakes a bit, as it is 80F outside right now.

I started out this year just like any other when approaching wildflowers, wanting to do something different than I have done before.   It is getting harder to REMEMBER what I have done before.   After such a long, hard winter, it is tough to resist the temptation of color.  For these initial photographs, the need to portray these early spring wildflowers different than I have shown them before was a stronger force.  

Another part is just getting out in the woods to see whats what.   Mostly I find myself just wandering until something catches my eye.   It doesn’t result in a lot of photographs made, but it does help just taking the environment in.   Since I have photographed many of these wildflowers before, I now find myself being quite picky about what situation I want to stop for.

This week I hope to visit some new spots I explored for the first time last fall, to see what they have to offer for Spring.

Bloodroot abstract photo

Bloodroot multiple exposure | Nikon D800, 200mm macro, Silver Efex Pro 2


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