Escher Influenced Leaves

By Tuesday, November 29, 2016grafphoto

“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.” ~ M.C.Escher

crimson maple leaves

Crimson Maple leaves in my backyard, Michigan

I always loved M.C.Escher’s pieces when I was a kid, and not quite sure why I thought of him when photographing these leaves.   Perhaps it is related to the endless exploration one can do just looking at the details of a leaf pile raked in your yard, much like one can endlessly stare at his works.   Fall colors for 2016 are now past, and I can honestly say I probably photographed more of these symbols of nature as they lie on the ground vs. attached to their branches.   I don’t feel like I missed a thing, and there are still some left to explore!

Crimson Maple leaf photos

Crimson Maple Leaves, my backyard, Michigan

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