2016 – A year of leaves, stone, and ice

By Monday, January 2, 2017grafphoto

This is my 10th collection highlighting some images from the past year.   For as fast as time seems to pass, looking back on 10 years of favorites seems to bring up a lot of moments that seem so, so long ago.  This 10th set carries some simple themes that I visit often.  Three subjects that I am continually developing my “vision” for:   Leaves, Stone, and Ice.   

This past year I developed my Texture Mosaics series. A couple of them made it into my favorites.  I have also refined the developing on my leaf photographs to portray how I view the symbiotic relationship between them, light, and the chaotic, cyclic return to the Earth.   My stonescapes continue to explore the visual and geological connection between these abstract, ancient landscapes no larger than an inch, and how similar they are to views from space.

A special shoutout to Jim Goldstein who manages to fit time in his busy life taming young creatures (that I can only assume behave like angels all the time) to compile a TON of these yearly reflections every year —-> Call for Entries Post |  2016 Results Post (link to be filled in when published)

If you are interested in all previous years, you can visit them under this tag:  Yearly Favorites

I appreciate the investment in my work and comments/likes/shares/support over the past year.   Wishing you good health and peace in 2017!

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