The Day the Earth Dropped

By Saturday, January 7, 2017grafphoto
frozen tree skirts

The Day the Earth Dropped c.2007

For anyone that uses Lightroom frequently, occasionally you find yourself in the middle of some old photographs in your catalog.   This happened to me today and I found this photograph that I had taken just outside my backyard.

My backyard backs to the Clinton River Watershed and flood plain, and there is a pond that grows and recedes throughout the year.  Wood ducks love it, but it isn’t very accessible from as the background brush in this photo is pretty thick.   (Probably why the wood ducks love the area, it is quite protected from predators.)

Seeing this photograph I remember this day.   I was out walking and saw these “frozen skirts” around the trees.   “What an odd sight!” I said to myself.   The engineer in me just stood there contemplating what in the world could have happened here.   The pond was obviously frozen, and it was frozen below the “skirts.”   I never did figure it out, and stumbling on this photo had me thinking about that very question again.

I suppose I should free my mind of my adult restrictions and approach the answer like a child…it is obvious the Earth dropped, or the trees had a sudden growth spurt, or a tidal wave came through and receded.   I may never really know.


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