Luminous Leaves

By Thursday, February 9, 2017grafphoto
luminous leaves

Luminous Leaves | LE-10061 ~ Clinton River Park, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan

Winter in Southeast Michigan has been quite crazy so far.   Either it is freezing temps and blowing wind, or extremely mild in the 40-50 F range.    We have received sporadic bits of snowfall, then it warms up and rains like crazy, melting everything away.   The sun only showed itself 2 days in January, so it has been rather grey and drab.   Everytime I think about getting out to my favorite winter ice spots, the weather throws a wrench in those plans.

But, no matter what the weather is like, there are always leaves on the forest floor somewhere.   Sycamore trees with their very large leaves stand out in particular.

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