Spring Awakening

By Thursday, March 30, 2017grafphoto
clinton river watershed

Wetland in the Clinton River watershed, Michigan #LA-10069

Everytime I take a walk in our woods, I feel like it is a conversation catching up with what is going on lately. In these transition times of the year, quite a bit is happening! Bird songs are in the air, and it won’t be long now before the frogs join them in chorus. It can be quite mesmerizing sitting by the side of a vernal pond just contemplating all of the changes going on, despite a stillness to the casual observer.

Going deep into the middle of these woods is a way to escape the changes going on around the perimeter. New houses taking over fields where geese and deer used to roam, a corridor of manufactured wood and brick blocking the view and old paths for entry. One can only hope they can be respectful of the land they now occupy and their woodland wild neighbors.

We get brief glimpses of coyotes around here now. With more sightings, more paranoia, more arrogance of domain, more evidence of the human virus, ignorance and intolerance. The woods still awaken in defiance and will remain in some shape or form long after we are gone.

As the sun decended on the horizon, the air is now noticeably cooler, and coversation wained. The night shift is coming in soon, with another set of stories to tell.

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