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By Friday, April 7, 2017grafphoto

An Idea…

As my archive of photography grows, I often find myself wandering among older images I’ve made and questioning if I would have the same approach to a similar subject today.   Recently, I found myself looking at photos from 2007 thinking to myself how interesting it is to look back an entire decade.   Would I make the same kind of image today?  With technology changing so rapidly, did equipment play any part or would it today?   We often have feelings of nostalgia for certain cameras we used in the past.   Was I looking for the same types of subjects vs. now?

I thought this might be a good series of posts of self reflection, criticism, or just random thoughts.   It’s not something I would do often, maybe once a month or so.   What?  You think I am going to commit to last April’s craziness of posting every day??   Even this fine glass of Scotch isn’t enough to make me do that again.

What about even 2 decades ago?  A lot has changed, and continues to change in the world of photography!   If you want to play along, I’d really like the company.  If you link back to this post, it should show up in the comments area as a pingback.   On social media, I will use the hashtag #decennarythoughts.   Hey, could be fun!  Or this could be a one-hit wonder post not unlike many songs of the 80s.    For the young whippersnappers that don’t have photographs from 10 years ago, well then, I guess you will just have to go form your own idea.  😉  And if you clicked that linkity link to find out what that word means, well then you know you aren’t old enough.   A glass of Scotch is recommended to accompany you, but not a requirement.

To add some structure to these seemingly random thoughts, I will just write a few short notes on place, composition/subject, equipment, and would I change anything?   And… I get to use a new word… Decennary… how cool is that?!

BTW, the term “Shaking the Trees” is a nod to one of my favorite musicians, Peter Gabriel.

Decennary Thoughts #1 :   Shaking the Trees

shaking the trees

Shaking the Trees, Stony Creek Metropark, Washington, Michigan

DATE:  March 27, 2007

PLACE:   Still existing today.   I still photograph here now and then, it is quite a nice park.   This area of red pines though is particularly unique.

SUBJECT/COMPOSITION:    I think perhaps every nature photographer has played with camera motion at one time or another.   It’s like playing with a giant paintbrush.   Getting it to work however is always hit and miss it seems.   I suppose this is one of my earlier attempts.   I still like it today, but I would tweak it a bit as mentioned below.   The bright bottom portion draws my eye more than I would like it now.   I think I pay more attention to visual flow today than I did back then.

EQUIPMENT:  Nikon D2X with Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8
My old Nikon D2X doesn’t see the sun much anymore, but I still have it.  One day I may part with it, but am afraid to look at the going price on Ebay.   It was my second digital SLR.   Looking back on some of the images today, they have more noise than the expectations from today’s cameras, but I have made plenty of enlargements where that wasn’t even an issue.

CHANGES?:   Minor – only to address the bright area imbalance of this photo.   I darkened the bottom edge to keep my eyes a bit more contained inside the image.   A touch more contrast.   I still like the amount of blur and the balance of the features.  Here is the 2017 version.

shaking the trees, decennary thoughts

Shaking the Trees 2017 Version


What photographs would you change from 10 years ago?

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