Michigan Blue Magazine

Michigan Blue Magazine, Winter 2010, cover photo by Mark Graf

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Nature pictures

Stock pictures are available for licensing agreements and publication usage rights. Password protected, custom lightboxes are available upon request to your search needs.

My nature photographs have been published by many buyers at Alamy, the Sierra Club, Mutual of Omaha, Eleanor Curtain Publishing, The Nature Conservancy, Whisper in the Woods, Nature Photographer Magazine to name a few, and have also been used for calendars, advertising, and interior decor for places such as hospitals and offices. Please inquire via email or the contact me link above if you have any questions.  Thank you for looking and I hope you find an image that fits your needs!

Some of my work is represented by Alamy, and featured in their Creative Collection.  Images from Alamy are available for purchase 24/7 and for immediate download.