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Nature Photography articles


This page contains a collection of articles I have written over the years. I don't publish them as often now since I have been primarily making updates to my blog, mini-articles if you will. However, from time to time, and when time permits - I will add something more extensive to this list - and of course annouce it via the blog news.

I have received some great feedback on quite a few of them - the Printing Dogmas article is linked to from many sites around the net. I have received thanks for the Galapagos Trip report as well as the tips on taking your SLR underwater.

Thank you for visiting - I hope you find something valuable within...


Michigan Nature Association | A wonderful organization dedicated to preserving Michigan's rare species and environments


Galapagos Trip Report 2001 | A not-so-perfect trip to the Galapagos Islands back in 2001. It certainly can be a land photographer's paradise, and a diver's paradise - but it can be challenging to meet the needs of both.


Departing from the Literal Image | A look at the not-so-obvious options in creative photography. Republished by April 2010.


Bring your SLR underwater | What? I just paid thousands for this camera and you want me to bring it underwater?


Printing Dogmas | Digitally captured images can be enlarged bigger than you think.


Perils and addictions of digital capture | Digital capture has brought so much to us as photographers - not all of it is equally embraced!